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Hudson Gorge

Saturday Jul 8, 2006
Kayak: Si, Cheryl, Max, Randel, John, Julie, Eric, Mark, Derrick and Bob
Inflatable: Tina
Organizer: Cheryl
Difficulty: intermediate WW
Level: medium
Gauge (ft): 4.7
Author: Cheryl

What a perfect day!!

We couldn't have asked for more the sun was shining, the water level was good (4.7) and we had a great group of kayakers...12 to be precise.

The Indian was releasing more than usual due to the recent rains. Si and Max effortlessly ran the Otter slide. The rest of us mere mortals opted out of the potential hole trashing and watched in admiration as Si and Max made it look like a class 2 rapid.

The Indian was fun, really fun. It was a foamy white mass of water. The play was plentiful and we wished it would never end.

After the Indian the group divided in two. The rafters were jumping off the large rock in the flat section and Eric decided to join his kayak.

We stopped for lunch, bathed in sun filled our bellies with all sorts of goodies..particular chocolate MM's for me. We played at the wave first before heading down stream.

The rapids were fun, I never remember all there names in the correct order. I just know on the right day (Hot and Sunny) and the right level the Hudson is a beautiful fun paddle.

One of the last major rapids saw some carnage....I won't name names...because one of the swims was totally unnecessary and we laughed at him for doing so. Especially since he took a rescue from a raft...a raft that's shameful!!

The rest of the river is a just a picturesque paddle out to Greyhound hole. I refuse to play here after learning the hard way it is very shallow. Si and a few of the other showed us how it was done and happily played among the millions of rafts vying for the same spot.

The perfect day ended perfectly, beers and yummy food at Casey's North

Pictures can be found at

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