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Magalloway R. (ME)

Friday-Sunday Jul 5-7, 2002
Kayak: John Barrows, Rick Covill, Ms. Covill, Georgia Myer
Open Canoe: Randy Allen, Faith Knapp, Andy Meilleur, Sam Nijensohn, Tony Shaw
Organizer: Tony Shaw
Difficulty: intermediate WW
Level: medium
Gauge (cfs): 900
Author: Tony Shaw

This second annual funfest featured affable friends, appetizing fare, and aquatic

frenzy. Diane joined Sam to keep him company and to chronicle the trip as our

personal bankside photographer. The overnighters gathered Friday evening at Sam's

(a remote College Grant cabin north of Errol), where Diane kept the rest of us

entertained through dinner and beyond sharing her passion for wildlife biology...and

birding in particular. Sam and Randy found common interests in forestry...and woodworking

in particular. Georgia, Faith and Tony just seemed happy to be out of the fast

lane, however briefly. Sam Brungot (longtime Dartmouth College Grant Caretaker

and namesake for the cabin we rented) would have enjoyed this night of woodsy

conversation in the quiet surroundings he so loved.

The chemistry through dinner and Saturday evening - with Sam and Diane back in

Vermont - was decidedly more unabashed and would have most likely had ol' Sam

blanching. Everyone pitched in with meal preparation and clean-up, leaving time

for exploration on nature trails nearby on bicycle and even a hike up the Diamond


Oh did I mention we paddled? Well we paddled...hard! Never mind that drought conditions

prevailed across New England. The Azisocohos Lake dam release provided spring-like

water levels both days. The play-friendly 900 cfs level inspired many surfers

and even some side/back surfing at the final rapids' big hole on river right.

Tony misguidedly tried to run the big class IV put-in drop on the far right on

the last run Sunday, and learned the hard way it is every bit as turbulent as

it appears from the shore.

Call me if you are interested in joining us for a repeat, July 2003, when the Grant cabin is again reserved and the water will be swiftly flowing (802-879-1655).

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